Open Session
The Open Session is an concept to bring urban and contemporary dancers together to exchange. Each Open Session is lead by an urban or contemporary dancer giving input from her or his style and different concepts to work with dance.
Information for the next open session at the nutrospektif facebook page.


Ladie´s Dance
Ladie´s Dance is a workshop concept for women, teaching basic skills and cultural knowledge of different urban dance styles. Ladie´s Dance is based on the philosophy of togetherness, freestyle and cypher dance and a cooporation with LAG Tanz NRW.
Ladie´s Dance facebook page


Cologne Circle
International Breakdance Event, established in 2005 with national and international guests and participants.
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Summer Cypher Cologne
Outdoor dance session, open for all dancers of all dance styles and interested musicians. Established in 2013.

On the One
Funktstyle jam session - a get together for all funk style dancers, established in 2015.