Dienstag, 26. Januar 2016

Recap December 2015!

December 2015 was full of action! No winter break!

Open Session - 1year Anniversary

At the first monday of december, we celebrated the 1year Anniversary at Quartier am Hafen! Yeah! You didn´t came to participate in the session yet? Check the next first monday in the month!

This is me Battle - 13.12.2016

Bahar was judging the "This is Me" Battle in Cologne, organised by Köln tanzt. It was about dancing a special emotion or story in the battle rounds. Dany participated and made it until the final!

House Session - 3 years Anniversary - 18.12.2016
Yeliz celebrated the 3 years Anniversary of her wekly organised House-Session in tanzhaus nrw. It was a big party, including a battle were dancers and dance-interesed refugees came to battle, dance and have fun together. 

All that House - Allstyle Battle - 19.12.2016
nutro´s were invited to the Allstyle-Battle organised by Virgil "Skychief" of the famous Crew "The Ruggeds" in Eindhoven. Yeliz and Frieda went to Eindhoven and passed the preselection and made it to the "TopFemale8" in the battle!