Yeliz Pazar - Daniela Mba - Frieda Frost - Rodriguez-Romero - Bahar Gökten - Katja Denneng

Bahar Gökten
Bahar started early with different urban dance styles and is an allround urban dancer. She focusses on popping, hiphop, house and breaking and participated successfully at several national and international urban events (e.g. IBE Toprock Battle, Southside Battle Tübingen). Interested in contemporary dance too, she constantly works on her dance technique and worked in various dance theater productions with different choreographes like mind ur step/Roots&Routs, Ruhm/Schauspielhaus Bochum or Adam´s R.I.P./Renegade. She also choreographs youth dance projects or own solo works e.g. REAL:FAKE with Bassam Ghazi at Schaupspiel Köln.

Daniela "Dany" Mba
From all the urban styles Dany put her main focus in hip hop and fuses other urban dances like popping, krump and house with it. As a teenager she gained succesfully her experiences in several dance competitions and started to teach hip hop at the age of 20. Since then Dany is teaching in dance schools, at national and international workshops and academies. To learn more about the roots and the culture of hip hop dance Dany also has spent time in the New York dancing scene, which is her main influnence. With nutrospektif she started to integrate the theater stage inside her dance focus and worked in dance theater productions like c.o.r.e / tanzhaus nrw, Columba Livia / Pottporus Festival and Cry|Sis / Made in Köln.

Daniela Rodriguez Romero
Daniela is an active Locker, HipHop dancer and Popper. She studied at the German Sport University Cologne, where she completed the specialization "movement and dance theater" and is working as a freelance teacher and choreographer. Next to teaching at the German Sport University Cologne, where she won the prize for "innovative teaching" in 2015, she is choreographing (international) youth dance theater projects and is the creator of the Ladies Dance - women for women projetc. She was awarded with the "youth culture prize" of south germany for her work in youth projects.

Frieda "Bgirl Frost" Frost
Dancing since 2002, BGirl Frost participated successfully at several national and international breakdance competitions (e.g. Battle of the Year International, France & Germany, Euro-Battle Portugal, Queen Sweet 16) and gets invited for events, workshops and judging in Germany and abroad. Focussing on dance theater since 2012, she worked in productions with Schauspielhaus Bochum, Tanzhaus NRW or Renegade/Pottporus e.V. Frieda Frost is a scientific researcher and PhD Student at the Institute of dance and movement at the German Sport University Cologne in the area of dance and movement science, focusing her work on urban dance.

Katja Denneng
Katja is a funky freestyle dancer and yoga addicetd. She started with HipHop and Funkstyle Dances and found her love in Breaking. She studied russian cultural science and pedagogy and is working as a social worker. Katja is member in the famous Breakdance-Crew TNT and participated at several national and international battles like the Battle of the Year international 2009. She made her first dance theater experiences with nutrospektif, adding her knowledge of body, mind & soul inside the process.

Yeliz Pazar
Yeliz is an allround dancer, focusing on Whacking, House and Vougueing. She took classes in ballet and contemporary dance and is broadening her knowledge in dance in every way. She is a freelance dancer, dance teacher and choreographer and is working in and with several known institutions like Tanzhaus NRW, Schauspielhaus Düsseldorf or Schauspiel Köln for CONCORD FLORAL with Bassam Ghazi. She is choreographing (international) youth projects and is the organizer of the weekly house-session in tanzhaus NRW and the WAAK OFF dance event.